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Metal Button

The metal buttons produced by our company are made of good sturdy metal, so they are very resistant to wear and durability. These buttons have been well treated to give a good indication of the color of the metal.
This button does not fade when washed, and you can engrave the logo on it or choose the size you like. The metal buttons we produce are available in brass, old brass, silver, gold or other colors. On the logo of the button, we usually use engraving, etching and printing.
There are no cracks, notches, irregularities and obvious scratches on the button surface. There are no cracks and bubbles in the back of the product. In addition, it does not have uneven thickness.The pattern engraved on it has no obvious deformation, white eyes, and white circles.
GHOPHY is the best factory engaged in custom metal button that made in China. You can buy our product with favorable price. Welcome to purchase quality metal button.