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What is the security woven label
- Aug 03, 2016 -

First, the desired miniature text design is good, with good design carved out miniature text required for printing "version stamping" by stamping technology dedicated miniature printed text or other wide width 0.8mm transparent online, India after the resumption of the volume. "Miniature text security thread" is formed. As shown in the above two pictures: according to the requirements of your company in the 0.8mm-wide line printed LOGO.

Secondly, on the computer to the desired pattern cloth painting to publishing, and then with a "miniature text security thread" through the cloth machine, by Mark trademark weaving machine during the "miniature text security thread" woven together in cloth standard, thus forming a security woven label. It can be made "security warp woven label" to be made "security weft woven label" security woven label looks beautiful and clean, suitable for high-end clothing above.