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Woven Label

The woven labels produced by our company are machine woven and cut into design shapes. Compared with other common woven labels, its color and pattern are more complex and varied, and the design is more diverse.
In the choice of materials, it usually uses polyester yarn, cotton yarn, satin, brocade, gold, silver and so on. The label has a border and a seamed edge. We offer a wide range of products according to your requirements. The label backing has an iron, a paper backing, a backing, and the like.
The woven labels we produce are environmentally friendly, waterproof, durable and washable.This label is suitable for all kinds of clothing, toys, bags, hats, towels, bags, gloves, home textiles, bedding, furniture, baby products, baby carriages, shoes, headwear, etc.
GHOPHY is the best factory engaged in custom woven label that made in China. You can buy our product with favorable price. Welcome to purchase quality woven label.