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Paper Bag

Our company is a professional paper bag manufacturer. The bags produced by our company are very strong, so it has high stiffness, bursting and smoothness. In addition, the paper we chose when making the bag was flat and had a good texture.
The color of the pattern printed on the bag is also very clear and full. Because each customer has different requirements for the use of the bag and the size of the design, we insist on the customer's real needs and provide customized services.
The bags we produce paper bags such as handbags, cement bags, fertilizer bags, clothing bags, food bags, shopping bags, and gift bags. In addition, the bags produced by our company are for economical purposes, so we have always adhered to the concept of material saving and green environmental protection.
GHOPHY is the best factory engaged in custom Paper Bag that made in China. You can buy our product with favorable price. Welcome to purchase quality Paper Bag.
  • Greaseproof Paper Bags

    Greaseproof Paper Bags

    This greaseproof paper bag is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics. This product effectively prevents oil and grease from penetrating the bag. This product can be used to hold sandwiches, muffins, wraps, etc. They have a paper structure so you can throw them away after use. In addition, they are oil resistant...Read More

  • Paper Sandwich Bags

    Paper Sandwich Bags

    Paper sandwich bags are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastics. This product effectively prevents oil and grease from saturating these convenient sandwich bags. These paper bags are ideal for sandwiches, snacks, cookies or portable lunches.Read More

  • Canvas Shopping Paper Bag

    Canvas Shopping Paper Bag

    This Canvas Shopping Paper Bag is very suitable for daily use. Made from durable canvas, this means the bag can withstand extra weight and provide extra support. It can be reused because it is made of biodegradable materials. This canvas has no post-chemical effects after degradation and does not cause contamination of the...Read More

  • Gift Packing Brown Kraft Shopping Paper Bag with Handles

    Gift Packing Brown Kraft Shopping Paper Bag with Handles

    Gift Packing Brown Kraft Shopping Paper Bag with Handles is made of thick plain brown kraft paper and has a sturdy rope handle. It's a sturdy paper bag that can easily carry a few pounds of weight. The box bags have a flat bottom so they stand well.Read More

  • Drysaltery Paper Bag

    Drysaltery Paper Bag

    drysaltery paper food packaging bag containers with window and zip top Material: PET + LLDPE / CPP;PET + MPET + PE / CPP; PET + VMPET + LLDPE; PET + AL + PET/NY + LLDPE; PET + NY + LLDPE; NY + PE; BOPP + CPP; BOPP + VMCPP Or according to request Usage: Food, Tea,Medicine,Seed,Coffee,Liquid,Powder,Clothes.......Read More

  • Paper Gift Box

    Paper Gift Box

    Made in China Factory Logo Printed Custom recyclable paper packing box wholesale/Retail for Gift/Candy.Material texture,can make the paper gift box according to the requirements of different styles.Read More

  • Cement Paper Bag

    Cement Paper Bag

    Cement Paper bag - Can be used for construction of engineering, housing construction, bag workmanship and meticulous, to prevent boredom from leaking out.Read More

  • Fertilizing Paper Bag

    Fertilizing Paper Bag

    Buy Cheap Used Paper Bopp Laminated PP Woven Bag For Grain Fertilizer Flour Feed Storage, China. You can packing fertilize by fertilizer bag.Cheaper than other suppliers,you can choose,you can belive.Read More

  • Non-Woven Reusable Grocery Flour Paper Bag

    Non-Woven Reusable Grocery Flour Paper Bag

    Flour paper bag, bag workmanship and meticulous, Prevent mosquitoes from entering the bag.Eco-friendly recycle custom cheap brown/ white kraft flour paper powder bag for flour 1kg with inner bag,pp woven sugar,rice flour bag.Read More

  • Eco Friendly Seed Paper Bag

    Eco Friendly Seed Paper Bag

    Varieties of seeds that Namo, use seed paper bag to classify them. Seeds of flowers, seeds of crops, giving sunshine, accompanied by raindrops, make a healthy seed, Ghophy grows with itRead More

  • Chinese Rice Paper Bag

    Chinese Rice Paper Bag

    Eco-friendly recycle custom cheap food grade rice paper stand up pouch/silk paper bag pp woven bag --- Quality for different types of uses For food packing, customer is recommended to choose Grade A quality.For chemicals/Industrial products packing, Grade B or CRead More

  • Snack Paper Bag

    Snack Paper Bag

    Snack paper bag,Excelent printing small kraft brown paper food bags fruit snack pouches. clear window bags/food and snack use with zipper.We use the material is safe and non-toxic. Safty!Read More

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