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tag string

  • Custom Plastic Loop End String Tag

    Custom Plastic Loop End String TagWe can custom for string, rope and pin. Or round shape and other shape logo lump.length usually is 17cm,18cm,19cm and 20cm.Rope color we can make any color/black/white/purple/green/grey/brown and so on.Read More

  • Custom Printed Swing Bullet Cardboard Hang Tag With String

    Custom Printed Swing Bullet Cardboard Hang Tag With StringOur Custom Printed Swing Bullet Cardboard Hang Tag With String is very standardized from design to production. It goes through several major steps of drawing design, mold making, injection molding and surface effect processing. Therefore, our products are very quality assured.Read More

  • Hang Tags With String

    Hang Tags With StringHang tags with string can make your brand stand out. The tag we produce is both eye-catching and practical. We are committed to providing the highest quality printing for the most unique papers. We can produce all kinds of tags of various shapes and sizes. This product is made of a degradable material that perfectly matches...Read More

  • Square String Tag

    Square String TagThe Square String Tag we produce is a kind of product information communication, which has the function of advertising and publicity. It can be used in commercial and industrial products as a branding or price tag. The materials we have chosen are PS/PP/ABS.Read More

  • Printed Tags With String

    Printed Tags With StringPrinted tags with string are usually attached to the merchandise, mainly cloth or clothing. The top of the tag has detailed information about its materials, prices, brands, etc. It has an elegant and meticulous design. Our company uses high-end and high-quality materials to print the tag.Read More