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ziploc storage bags

  • Apparel PVC Zipper Bag

    Apparel PVC Zipper BagThis Apparel PVC Zipper Bag has excellent strength, high durability, impeccable finish and unparalleled load carrying capacity. It is made of high quality PVC material. The bag made of this material is recyclable, moisture-proof, transparent and has good barrier properties.Read More

  • Extra Large Ziploc Bags

    Extra Large Ziploc BagsExtra Large Ziploc Bags' side is triangular in design to extend the capacity of the bag. The bag on the side of the triangle can hold more things to meet the needs of the user. This product has a pleated bottom, a convenient handle and a button that closes the bag, so its design is simple and practical.Read More

  • Large Ziplock PVC Plastic Storage Bag with Zipper

    Large Ziplock PVC Plastic Storage Bag with ZipperThis Large Ziplock PVC Plastic Storage Bag with Zipper has different sizes to choose from, so it can meet your storage needs for a variety of items and can be conveniently placed in the trunk and home box. It will keep your storage organized.Read More

  • Reclosable Poly Bags

    Reclosable Poly BagsReclosable poly bags are reusable and have a variety of features so it can meet your storage needs. These bags are made from a durable 100% high transparency polyethylene film. It allows you to clearly see what's inside the bag so you can take out the inside or simply store any item.Read More

  • Stationery PVC Zipper Bag

    Stationery PVC Zipper BagThis Stationery PVC Zipper Bag also has a zipper design, so it is very convenient to use. The bag is transparent except that the zipper is colored. This design not only allows you to see the contents of the bag more clearly, but also allows you to fully feel the simplicity of the bag.Read More

  • Colored Zip Lock Bags

    Colored Zip Lock BagsThese colored zip lock bags can help you organize your classroom, office or studio. You can choose from red, blue, yellow, white and black zip pockets. Available in different thicknesses and sizes, these bags are suitable for most applications.Read More