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  • Custom Sewing Labels

    Custom Sewing Labels

    These custom sewing labels are printed with high-quality fabric with non-fading ink. I use a high-quality, tightly woven material to make the label and print it under bias, so the label won't be easily unlocked. It is natural and very soft. The label is non-fading, anti-wear...Read More

  • Greaseproof Paper Bags

    Greaseproof Paper Bags

    This greaseproof paper bag is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics. This product effectively prevents oil and grease from penetrating the bag. This product can be used to hold sandwiches, muffins, wraps, etc. They have a paper structure so you can throw them...Read More

  • Paper Sandwich Bags

    Paper Sandwich Bags

    Paper sandwich bags are environmentally friendly alternatives to plastics. This product effectively prevents oil and grease from saturating these convenient sandwich bags. These paper bags are ideal for sandwiches, snacks, cookies or portable lunches.Read More

  • Printable Luggage Tags

    Printable Luggage Tags

    Our printable luggage tags are available in a variety of special paper materials. You can print a cartoon character or company logo on its surface. It can be used in suitcases, suitcases, bags, golf bags or water bottles to distinguish your belongings.Read More

  • Printed Tags With String

    Printed Tags With String

    Printed tags with string are usually attached to the merchandise, mainly cloth or clothing. The top of the tag has detailed information about its materials, prices, brands, etc. It has an elegant and meticulous design. Our company uses high-end and high-quality materials to...Read More

  • Hang Tags With String

    Hang Tags With String

    Hang tags with string can make your brand stand out. The tag we produce is both eye-catching and practical. We are committed to providing the highest quality printing for the most unique papers. We can produce all kinds of tags of various shapes and sizes. This product is...Read More

  • White Ktaft Paper Bag

    White Ktaft Paper Bag

    The size of this white ktaft paper bag can be customized, depending on your needs. This paper bag is available in a variety of colors. You can choose brown, gray, white, green, gold, silver, etc. The kraft paper bag we produce is food grade and environmentally friendly. It...Read More

  • Colored Zip Lock Bags

    Colored Zip Lock Bags

    These colored zip lock bags can help you organize your classroom, office or studio. You can choose from red, blue, yellow, white and black zip pockets. Available in different thicknesses and sizes, these bags are suitable for most applications.Read More

  • Reclosable Poly Bags

    Reclosable Poly Bags

    Reclosable poly bags are reusable and have a variety of features so it can meet your storage needs. These bags are made from a durable 100% high transparency polyethylene film. It allows you to clearly see what's inside the bag so you can take out the inside or simply store...Read More

  • Large Craft Minecraft Wooden Toggle Buttons

    Large Craft Minecraft Wooden Toggle Buttons

    Large Craft Minecraft Wooden Toggle Buttons are light and delicate. With a rounded design, it is simple and elegant in appearance and has a vintage natural style. It is suitable for clothing and manual DIY use.Read More

  • Microfiber Genuine Leather Suede Elbow Patch

    Microfiber Genuine Leather Suede Elbow Patch

    The original use of this Microfiber Genuine Leather Suede Elbow Patch is to be strong and wearable, and later popular around the world, becoming a fashion element. Therefore, this product can also make your clothes more fashionable.Read More

  • PU Jeans Patch Label

    PU Jeans Patch Label

    This PU Jeans Patch Label can be used on jeans as a logo or as a promotional item for product details. Its surface treatment uses screen printing, hot stamping, laser cutting, embroidery, metal plating, etc., so it has a good surface and a unique pattern. This PU material...Read More

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