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Our company can produce tags for various purposes. From the texture point of view, the production materials of the clothing tag produced by our company are mostly paper and plastic. It has a long strip shape, a folded shape, a round shape, a triangular shape, a pocket shape and other special shapes.
We offer luggage labels for a variety of special paper materials, PVC materials and fabrics. The luggage tag can print a cartoon character or company logo on its surface. It can be used in suitcases, suitcases, bags, golf bags or water bottles to distinguish your belongings. In addition, we can also provide a tag made of metal or cortical material. Metal hangtags are generally bright and have a smooth surface. The label of the leather material is smooth and comfortable to touch.
GHOPHY is the best factory engaged in custom tag that made in China. You can buy our product with favorable price. Welcome to purchase quality tag.
  • Cute Clear PVC Plastic Luggage Tag

    Cute Clear PVC Plastic Luggage Tag

    Low price but can get good quality products. Plastic luggage tag you can also choose. Material: PVC,the products belong to your brand with your logo.Read More

  • Hard Plastic Rubber Silicone Luggage Tag Suitcase Label

    Hard Plastic Rubber Silicone Luggage Tag Suitcase Label

    You can choose use rope through hang tag or put it stick on luggage. Wholease Cheaper high quality custom bulk plastic soft pvc silicone rubber reflective id card animal loop strap shape travel/ luggage tag , Soft rubber factory price bag tag luggage tag with the customer's logo.Read More

  • Fabric Embroidered Luggage Tag

    Fabric Embroidered Luggage Tag

    Fabric luggage tag - You can also use it for luggage, clothes, bag and shoes.We have matton fabric and ribbon. You can choose printed logo on it or we can make by gold thread.Read More

  • Printable Paper Hang Tag

    Printable Paper Hang Tag

    Paper hang tag have white cardboard, coated paper, kraftpaper and black cardboard, each type have one style,you can choose by your brand.we can custom about size, we also sale string and rope.Read More

  • Cardboard Hang Tag with String

    Cardboard Hang Tag with String

    Cardboard hang tag is available in 4 types of thickness,300g, 400g, 600g or 700g. Logo can be imprinted on it by printing/UV /Foil stamping. It is widely used as hanging tag for clothing, shoes and hats, home textiles, toys, handbags, bags, ties,etc.Read More

  • Metal Hang Tag

    Metal Hang Tag

    Custom Metal Clothing Hang Tags, Metal Engraved Logo Label Tag For Handbag/Garment/Wine bottleRead More

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