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Washable Paper Bag

Our company is a professional manufacturer of washable paper bags. The paper bags produced by our company are available in a variety of shapes and have a simple and elegant brown color. Washed kraft paper bag, handle looks and feels like leather, but washes easily.
Our paper for making bags is made of virgin fiber, so it is sustainable. You can look for new ways to reuse this simple paper bag. We sew the sides of the bag to make the seams of the entire paper bag flat and beautiful. In addition, the metal eyelet on the bag adds a sense of style to it.
The bag we produce can be cleaned when it is dirty. The materials used to make the bags are environmentally friendly and recycled. This type of washable paper bag can be used to hold clothes, fruits, nuts and accessories.
GHOPHY is the best factory engaged in custom Washable Paper Bag that made in China. You can buy our product with favorable price. Welcome to purchase quality Washable Paper Bag.
  • White Ktaft Paper Bag

    White Ktaft Paper Bag

    The size of this white ktaft paper bag can be customized, depending on your needs. This paper bag is available in a variety of colors. You can choose brown, gray, white, green, gold, silver, etc. The kraft paper bag we produce is food grade and environmentally friendly. It can be used to hold food or plants.Read More

  • Square Brown Washable Paper Bag with Handles

    Square Brown Washable Paper Bag with Handles

    This Square Brown Washable Paper Bag with Handles is washable so you can bio-wash or dry clean it. It has excellent wear resistance and durability and therefore has a good service life. It has a very strong tear resistance and moisture resistance, so the things you put in the bag can be well protected.Read More

  • Other Shape Washable Paper Bag

    Other Shape Washable Paper Bag

    Brown Washable fold kraft paper gift bags that look and feel like leather but wash with ease. Our paper is made using a virgin fibre from cultivation and not through deforestation. Sustainability extends to sustainable use, finding new ways to use and reuse the simple paper bag.Read More

  • Round Washable Paper Bag

    Round Washable Paper Bag

    Foldable Round Washable White Ktaft Paper Bag,we can custom to meet your need. It have a advangtag of nice apperance and can recycle use.Environmental protection of protection need to take into account at same time we do business. Round style you can use for office desk,planting,collecting and snack box.Read More